Thin film solar module manufacturing requires clean glass and metal substrates for optimum yield. Photovoltaic and solar manufacturing glass cleaner is required to make efficient photovoltaic solar panels with no poorly formed laser scribe barriers in the PV solar cells that cause short circuits and poor performance. Clean solar glass is needed prior to vapor deposition of silicon (Si) or Cadmium/Telluride (CdTe) layers on transparent metal oxide (TCO) coated glass. Clean copper is required prior to vapor deposition of copper, indium, gallium selenide (CIGS) on thin metal films. Alconox Inc. has the solar cleaners needed for manufacturing, available globally. Alconox Inc. also supplies solar cleaners that can be used for maintenance of installed solar panels to maintain optimum performance and light transmittance to the photovoltaic surface.

  • Citrajet®: Low foaming Liquid Acid Cleaner/Rinse: Detergent glass and metal panels in large spray washing machines.
  • Citranox®: Liquid Acid Cleaner and Detergent: Cleaner for ultrasonic salt and particulate removal from glass and copper.
  • Detojet®: Low foaming Liquid Detergent: Cleaner for glass panels in large scale conveyorized horizontal washers.
  • Liquinox®: Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent: For manual, ultrasonic and soak cleaning of glass and metal substrates.

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